Aybit POS Restaurant Automation

Eliminate the problems faced in restaurant management with Aybit POS Restaurant automation.

Manage all operations of your business on a single platform. Aybit POS Restaurant Automation Programme facilitates your business processes and increases your productivity with many features such as order taking, table management, inventory tracking, digital menu, integrations and courier management.

Features to Help Your Business

Delivery service

With the takeaway feature, when the phone rings, the calling numbers are displayed on the screen and you can easily access your customers’ information and take orders

Table Management

It allows you to track the table orders taken by your waiters from touch screens, smartphones or tablets.

Self Service

Thanks to the self-service module, you can quickly take orders and perform payment transactions. You can manage all orders from a single screen.

Stock Guidelines

You can make stock entries and follow-up of your products, you can determine your critical products with our critical stock feature.


You can always be one step ahead with MollyPOS in managing and accelerating the order process and gaining customer satisfaction.


Thanks to our Pospatron application (IOS-Android), you can track your daily sales tracking, stock status and sales costs from anywhere you want.

Headquarters & Branch

For your business, you can become a strong chain by analysing, reporting and multiplying the quality of your branches.


Do not miss orders in your region with our software integrated with systems such as YemekSepeti, TrendyolYemek, GetirYemek.


You can check the customer information, phone number, order information, payment management, total amount of your incoming orders through the programme.

Digital Menu

By using QR Menu instead of paper menus, you can move your menu to digital platform and make easier and more flexible editing.

Benefits of Restaurant Software

If you want fast solutions for your business and order flow, AybitPOS helps you in all processes.

AybitPOS for All Enterprises

A la Carte Restaurant

Prevent menu confusion in the restaurant. Provide customer satisfaction by taking your orders quickly.

Fast Food Restaurant

With the touch screen and hand terminal, receive your orders quickly and error-free. It always helps you with its flexible interface.

Bars and Night Clubs

Profit while creating personalised experiences that keep guests coming back for more. Keep your accounts under control.

Cafe & Bakery

Complete your order process with fast management of incoming orders, easy and flexible interface. You can follow up and control the stock of bulk orders.

Aqua Park Enterprises

By accessing sales reports in your seasonal business, you can examine the income and expense table more clearly and achieve success in business management.

Pizza Order Tracking

Control the tracking and daily performance of couriers. With its user-oriented interface, you can use the programme according to your needs.

Chain & Franchise

In enterprises with central branches, all movements of the branches are transferred to the central management. You control management operations from a single point.

Catering Businesses

By easily tracking everything from budget planning to sales, improve your business management by getting an overview of your progress.