DDX Digital Transformation Consultant


With the DDX Digital Transformation Assessment Model and DDX Consultant Pool developed by TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, we offer DDX Digital Transformation Consultant services for enterprises. TÜSSİDE’s aim is to guide businesses to gain competitive advantage in digital transformation processes.

DDX Consultant Pool is a network of expert digital transformation consultants. These consultants work to guide businesses in their digital transformation processes, provide support in strategic planning and offer technical expertise.

DDX Digital Transformation Advisors use the DDX Digital Transformation Assessment Model to determine the digital transformation maturity level of businesses. This assessment analyzes the digital competencies of businesses and provides a basis for setting their goals in the digital transformation journey.

TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE supports businesses through collaborations with KOSGEB and Development Agencies. These collaborations are realized in order to provide financial and technical support to enterprises, to realize their digital transformation projects and to increase their competitiveness.

DDX Digital Transformation Consultant service is an initiative supported by TÜSSİDE and KOSGEB in the digital transformation journey of enterprises and is designed to increase the digital maturity level of enterprises, gain competitive advantage, improve processes, and encourage innovation. Our consultants support businesses with strategic guidance, technical expertise, and effective management of projects, enabling them to achieve their digital transformation goals.

D3A (Digital Transformation Assessment Tool) is a tool developed by Boğaziçi University and is used to assess the digital transformation maturity levels of businesses. The D3A model analyzes the digital competencies of businesses in five dimensions: Corporate Management, Customer and Market Management, R&D and Product Management, Supply Management, and Production Management.

Using the D3A model, we can evaluate the processes of businesses and the use of data in the processes in detail. The model provides a comprehensive analysis to determine the digital transformation maturity level of the business. As a result of this assessment, the current status of businesses is compared with other businesses, and their digital transformation maturity levels are determined.

The purpose of the D3A model is to guide businesses through the digital transformation process, understand their current situation, and identify areas for improvement. Based on the assessment results, businesses are provided with recommendations to increase their digital transformation maturity levels. These recommendations enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage, increase their efficiency, and improve customer experience.